Thursday, 13 October 2011

A treatment story, by Hiroshi

I was asked to treat a woman in her 40's, who told me, "I am tired".

She looked brighter. However, behind the eye looked tired. The main complaint is insomnia and constipation. 
In the affected areas aftershocks are still occurring. Even during treatment, aftershocks often happened. Each time, many people are scared, this woman included. It is a kind of PTSD.

I will wait until she opens the heart. I do not question too much. I do the treatment to quiet the mind. I do pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and palpation.

There is hardness in the stomach and back. There is also cold. This may be considered to be sympathetic excitement.

I use a needle(only touching) made ​​from ebony or Copper.

And the first needle onto the abdomen, and then the back. It is done soft and rhythmically. Check the pulse and skin.

Some people sleep better during treatment. This is a good thing.

After the treatment, she experienced a therapeutic effect. As a result, will wish to continue the treatment.

In July.

I saw her face after a long time. It was brighter than before. She was still constipated. However, different atmosphere.

Then she told me.

"Finally, I decided to give the baby a funeral"

Listening to the words, I felt from her, what was the grief of losing a child.

"My baby, had been swept by the tsunami.I could not hold a funeral. Because I could not admit that the baby is gone.

But I finally decided, and can accept it".

People can change.

I do not know how much the acupuncture was effective.

However, the people who liked me and my treatmend and my talk.

I will continue to work for the smile of someone who will continue as acupuncture.


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