Saturday, 19 March 2011

The camp

Most of the people who were sent to the Shinainuma Nousoun Kankyo Kaizen Senta evacuation camp, lived in Matsushima or Higashi Matsushima, both of which were almost completely destroyed in the tsunami. Matsushima was known for having one of the most beautiful landscapes, being ranked as one of the `3 views of Japan`, the other two being Amanohashidate in Kyoto, and Itsukushima in Hiroshima. 

At the time of writing, there are over 2300 evacuation camps set up in the Tohoku area.

The 3 view points of Japan (Matsushima is 1)


The view from Matsushima bay, before the tsunami

          The camp is located next to Shinainuma train station

The evacuation camp is located in the brown building with the arched entrance. It is usually a gymnasium and community centre, which is now being used to house a group of around 100 people who have mostly been moved from a bigger evacuation area to this smaller camp, where they will have better access to food and medical supplies.

Volunteers at the camp entrance

This board explains where the survivors have come from and who the person in charge at the facility is. Most people come from Matsushima town and East Matsushima city, two areas that were severely affected by the Tsunami.

The woman holding the baby was separated from her husband in the tsunami, he survived but is staying in another camp.

This is the makeshift doctor surgery in the camp. The team was from Hyogo and like us, were only there for an afternoon.


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